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John Russell

“I have retired from the trials and tribulations of 40 years in the Electricity Supply Industry and now work one day a week restoring Carriages and Wagons for the Scottish Railway Preservation Society.
Now, me and “ma wee dug Millie” have decided to work for Skidaddle – we have been with them for a number of years now. We enjoy our long walks, therefore it was logical to combine this fun outdoor exercise with helping others – and in this case helping out at events. We are often allocated to far flung parts of the course where it’s usually only us and the birds, or the cows and the wonderful wildlife – and of course, it’s always in glorious sunshine – or so we say!”

From: Callander

The best things about being part of Skidaddle:
We can mix our daily routine with working at an event and it's great fun marshalling trying to think up different things to spur the competitors on to achieve their goals!

Message to anybody thinking of joining Skidaddle:
It's great fun and you get to see loads of different parts of the countryside - if you wish, if you don't, then there plenty of other things you can do to help make the event a success.

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