Our Impact

Our services are regularly monitored by both clients and staff and this gives us a realistic idea of the impact that are services are making.


We are increasing opportunities for improved physical health

More than 1500 people a year participate in Skidaddle events.

In addition, 100% of volunteers surveyed claim to have gained physical benefit from working with Skidaddle.
Over the years we have gained some inspiring stories of people using our events to lose weight, defeat serious illness and ultimately change their lives.

The friendly nature of our events mean that it is easy for newcomers to use our events to get into outdoor sport in a supported, welcoming environment and we have received a number of stories of people using our events to access outdoor sport for the first time or “to get back into running after ten years off”.


We are increasing opportunities for improved mental health and increasing awareness of the correlation between physical and mental health.

Studies are increasingly showing that physical exercise can have a significant impact on mental health.
Our close partnership with NHS Breathing Space has worked to emphasise this and both staff and clients have provided anecdotes of improved mental health through participation in Skidaddle events.

By openly discussing this close partnership between physical and mental health and by inviting NHS Breathing Space to have a presence at our events we are gradually breaking down the barrier that still prevents mental health from being addressed and respected.


We are increasing tourism and thus supporting local business

Surveys are taken from all events and we regularly attract participants from the far reaches of Scotland including Orkney and Shetland Isles, Inverness and Dundee as well as Glasgow and Edinburgh.

In addition, our events attract a significant number of participants and spectators from south of the border as well as from overseas.

To-date, we have welcomed participants from more than ten different countries with a number of groups travelling to Scotland specifically for our events.

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