Event Signage

Skidaddle route signage is designed to be simple and easy to follow.  However participants still need to keep their eyes open and their wits about them.

Most events are run on routes that are open to the public and to normal traffic.

All participants need to read the event information pack thoroughly before participating in any of our events.

The rule is simple…

Stay on the road, path or track that you are on unless signage tells you otherwise.

If the route takes you off the path or track that you are on, or if you reach a cross roads, you will see yellow based arrows telling you which way to go.  These could be small A4 sized or larger A3 sized boards.

After you have taken a turn as directed by the arrows, you will normally see two florescent poles within approx.. 10m of the turn (one on either side of the path) shoot yourself between the poles, as a football through a goal and this confirms that you are going the right way.

Florescent poles can be orange, yellow or pink.

If there is hazard tape blocking a path DO NOT TAKE THIS ROUTE.

There may be a split in the route where some participants go one way and some go another.  This will be clearly singed as in the example below where the 5k runners turn Left and the 7k runners continue straight.

In the example below there is also a change in colour of the florescent poles, 5k =yellow 7k =orange.

There may be other instructions on the route which is marked by signage.  This may include…




Skidaddle marshals will be wearing yellow high viz vests.  Staff at HQ will be wearing Blue Skidaddle Gilets.

Don't just sit there... Skidaddle

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