About Our Events

Aim of Skidaddle Events

Skidaddle events aim to increase opportunities for participation in outdoor sports.

Our events are focussed around respectful use of natural environments and making the great outdoors more accessible to more people.

Our events provide social opportunities as well as opportunities for personal challenge and achievement and whether participating as a volunteer or a participant our events can be a life changing experience.


Prices – The cost of events

Skidaddle aims to keep the cost of events as low as possible.  If the event entry fee creates a barrier which stops you from participating please get in touch with us.

It can sometimes be hard to see where your money is going and why events cost money in the first place.  Some people expect to receive free goodies galore at every event even when the entry price is minimal.  Here are just some of the costs that event organisers are faced with…

  • Hours and hours and hours of organisation – much of our work is voluntary but even event organisers have bills to pay.
  • Land access permissions – Some land owners charge an administration or access permission fee and some events can involve multiple land owners.
  • Event Insurance
  • Volunteer Recruitment
  • Marketing costs
  • Travel and Transport – route recce, course signage, etc.
  • Transport for participants
  • Event Equipment – First aid kits, signage, gazebos, gantries, tables, chairs, timing systems, runners numbers, safety pins, starter guns, stationary…etc.
  • Phone Bills
  • Internet bills
  • Website hosting and support
  • Food and drink
  • Prizes and medals
  • And much more


Prizes and Goodies

For most events medals will be awarded to overall Bronze, Silver and Gold winners in each distance in both male and female categories.  

Age category medals will be available to order from Skidaddle after the event at a cost of £5/medal.

Finisher’s medals and event mugs can be purchased through the ticket purchase system and will be available for collection at the finish-line.  

Some may be available for purchase on the day but are subject to availability.  

Skidaddle will endeavour to provide event momentums where possible but in order to keep the event charge to a minimum these may incur an additional charge.


Terms and Conditions

Event Rules and Conditions

An event information pack is produced for each event, this is essential reading for all participants and all event rules must be followed.  Failure to follow event rules could lead to disqualification.

Cancellations and Refunds

 Refunds will only be given on bookings that are cancelled more than two weeks before the date of the event.

Exchanging entry numbers

Each entry is valid only for the named person registered with the ticket and cannot be passed to a third party at any time.  

Changing age or event categories

It is the responsibility of the participant to book into the correct event category (10k/ 5k etc.) and any changes requested will be subject to a fee of £5 per change.

Entering in the wrong category

Any entrant who participates in a different category to that which they have registered in will be disqualified and will not appear in the event results.

Personal Equipment

Any personal equipment such as bikes, helmets etc. must be in good working order.  It is the responsibility of each participant to ensure that their equipment is fit for use.  Skidaddle is not responsible for responding to situations caused by inadequate equipment.  Any equipment left at race HQ or other Skidaddle location is left entirely at the owner’s risk.


Anybody withdrawing from the event must report to a marshal before leaving.

Skidaddle withdrawals – Skidaddle reserves the right to withdraw any participant for their own safety or the safety of others.


All Skidaddle events are covered by insurance.  This does not include individual cover for personal liability.  Participants are responsible for organising their own personal insurance cover.

Lost Property

Any property left at events will be returned to the Skidaddle office and can be collected from there with prior arrangement.  

Property must be collected within 4 weeks of the event date.  After this time any lost property may be donated to a partner charity to support homeless people getting into sport.

Mailing of lost property will be at Skidaddle’s discretion and postage and packaging charges will be applied.  

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